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 Our Members Share Their Thoughts & Experiences


"Thanks for finding the words/concepts/models and putting them into print and voice, also living authentically the "talk". And for being willing to build this community of people coming together for all of the things you've mentioned and more -- connection, guidance, strategies, brain storming, collaboration...

The intelligence of our real, human exchanges happens here, in secure & nurturing community -- 1 on 1, in small groups and in large. All the other essential "stuff" shows up with the people... Learning from Sari and other experts about individual/universal info; discovering and sharing new strategies, various ideas and the like; accepting and innovating our lives and our selves... There's no ending to list, as each continues bringing personal meaning and participation to the community."

"I love what you have said about self-acceptance and the importance and seeing oneself as whole regardless of one's struggles.  Everyone really "is" whole but what gets in the way is that common view of how everyone "should" be which is idealistic and unreal.  If we all accept what is offered as you put it, life can truly be more joyful.  Thanks for the great post!"

"Many thanks to you and Sari You are really on the right track with this.  By using a terrific technology that you have made extremely easy to access you are providing a safe, intelligent sanctuary for a population that is unique and extraordinary and longs to be understood.  It is welcoming and interactive and inclusive.

That connection that reaches right out of our computer screen and into our lives in real time is critical for reaching those of us who are feeling alone.  The world gets harder and harder to navigate with a disorder that sneaks in and slowly brain snatches us while we are unaware."

"To hear others like me talk honestly about their attitudes about themselves, their behaviors and relationships and need for expressing themselves in fresh new ways, has literally restored me all the way back to a familiar confidence in myself that has been crippled from years of erosion because I did not understand the full impact of my ADD."