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Women With Attention Deficit Disorder


"I want to tell you again that your book is such a lifesaver to me and every other woman diagnosed with ADD. Reading it was as if someone lifted a cloak that made me invisible and finally saw me for the first time. I refer to it often as it clarifies so many aspects of my life. For the first time, I understand and accept myself for who I am. The layers of guilt and shame are falling away each and every day. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"Your book means more to me than I can tell you. It describes my entire life and has made me realize that I do matter, do deserve to be here, and that I am not worthless. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

"When I read your book, I cried. Felt like you have stolen my diary. The story of my life. Your book is my new best friend."

"I found your book, Women with Attention Deficit Disorder, exteremely etraordinary in the way it approaches the ADHD/ADD was so heart touching...I read every single line, every word with my heart and I cried and cried and cried. I am yet not sure if I am a women with ADD or not, but I am sure when I was reading your book I had the feeling like I was doing an autopsy on my soul. Thank you for this great book."

"Your book has been the most supportive (of the 40 or so key ADHD texts I've read) in the psychological change a diagnosis brings. Wow. I have felt my entire world shifting around me, with all the reference points changing as I realized what I had been up against, and started to see myself and my history more kindly.  I really needed someone who could hold my hand in this process.  


There are so many books on 'getting organised' for ADHD people, but this is just a tiny fraction of the issue.  It reaches into every area of perception, relationships and self.  Because of your experience, you GET this, and because of your clinical expertise, you can articulate the very difficult and necessary truths about the path.  
You have given me a crucial gift at an enormous turning point in my life, and I thank you so much for that."

"I am still reading your book - and am on the MESST chapters; longing for the 'Embracing' bit to come as the final treat. My goodness, it's lovely to read something that finally makes sense of it all. I just want to be on the 'right' track now rather than lose further time and energy in the wrong places looking for support and needing to work on myself to move forward.
Once again, through the chaos of my life at the moment, your book is 'nectar'."


"In a one of your books (can't remember which one or what page but slowing rereading both of them so I can) you talk about reviving your dreams and redefining them to fit your ADDness. I don't remember your exact words but that is how I interpreted it. Your books are so well written I that I can tell you truely lived through the pain of untreated ADD and came out as a survivor. I think the only way people survive ADD without feeling crazy is to never give up on your dreams. So thank you for writing your books."

"I am just beginning to read your book Women with Attention Deficit Disorder.  It has quickly grabbed my attention.  Just a bit of reading gives me hope that, if nothing else, someone 'gets' me.