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New Year's Wish for You (ADDreggie)
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Sari's New Year's Wish for You

Friday, January 27th 2012 @ 4:39 PM

My New Years Wish List For You

Wishing You a New Year of …
Authenticity and Acceptance

Wishing You a New Year where..
Instead of measuring your success by the distance you still want to go, look at how far you’ve come and in what direction you are moving ….
toward a greater sense of self
toward more use of your strengths
toward more connection with people who can truly see you and respect you.

Wishing You a New Year where…
           you don’t berate or bully yourself   
               with harsh attempts at sticking to rigid schedules
               with trying to fit in or rid yourself of who you are

Wishing You a New Year where you move toward… 
work you love, even if its outside of your job!
a way to make a contribution,
to figure out what you have to uniquely offer the world

Wishing You a New Year where you move toward people…
who get you, who  give you vital energy,
who value your differences, where you don’t have to hide your difficulties, differences,  and gifts.
where you are not “too much” for other people  but  where   there is actually more of you visible in the room. 

I wish you a New Year without resolutions!
This Year, Don’t try harder! Try Easier!

Find people to support you, to help guide you, to be inspired by, people who have struggled and who have persevered anyway.

Find people to whom you can give your strengths and skills and talents and compassion,
people with differences who you can inspire by your perseverance and persistence and caring.

Yes, let’s try easier this year
Let’s strive for wholeness not perfection,
That’s my holiday and new years wish for all of you.

To all of you who share with me your struggles and your triumphs, your differences, difficulties and gifts, I want to say you inspire me each and every day and I feel incredibly grateful for your trust and support.

With great affection,
Sari Solden


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