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  emotional health and your vote
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emotional health and your vote

Wednesday, November 7th 2012 @ 12:03 PM    post viewed 824 times

My mid week connection is about the subject of a session I am doing  with Regina Carey on Monday, Nov 12 in Lansing, Michigan at the Learning Disability Association of Michigan’s annual conference. The subject of our q and a session and discussion is the emotional health and well being of adults with ADHD and LD. I would encourage all of you who live in the area to attend the conference. Check it out at If you don’t live close by, email or post what helps you maintain your emotional health and well being even in the presence of great challenges.

And on this day after the election, I have to connect this theme of emotional health to what I saw took place yesterday. Despite great differences and an apparent deep divide in this country, what I saw was my idea of emotional health.

However you voted, if you voted, you let your voice be heard.

Whoever people voted for, they gave voice to their values, beliefs, hopes, and dreams

Standing in long lines just to be heard, to exercise their personal power, even when very tired,  just to make a difference..

That was the great triumph to me , that was the manifestation of emotional health-not the absence of differences or conflict- but the steady determination, despite great odds or difficulty or differences,  to feel you matter enough to add your voice to the conversation.

 I encourage you to take this as an example of emotional health and well being in your own personal lives. Determination. Resilience. Resolve,- to keep going even when tired or in the face of great difficulty- to move toward your values and what is meaningful to you.

You won’t always win, you won’t always get what you ask for or want, but the triumph will always be in letting your voice be heard.